Welcome, VOYA!

Posted by Lou Dahl on

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our newest brand partnership with VOYA - Organic Beauty! 

We fell in love with them for their ability to focus on creating products that share a common thread of tradition, sustainability, empowerment and innovation.

Their line-up of innovative face, body and bath treatments balance perfectly between the historical purity of seaweed (VOYA's staple ingredient) harvested from the Atlantic Irish waters, but providing it's therapeutic benefits within luxurious formulas and working with some of the world's best cosmetics scientists. 

The self-proclaimed 'Guardians of Tradition' take the management of this natural and organic resource seriously, by using a sustainable and renewable product, harvesting it by hand and within measured amounts. This allows for a watchful eye on the regrowth of the seaweed supply and the reefs remain undamaged by machinery.

With eyes on the future and their environmental impact, they have also committed to continually evaluate and research new ways to provide their products with the most responsible content and packaging possible, and work with organizations such as the World Land Trust to offset their companies carbon emissions.

We think VOYA is providing an amazing product with an ethos we can align with, and we know you and your clientele will see the benefits of their products too, as they are plenty! Reap the rewards of these treatments while also feeling good about the care and thought that's been put into keeping them as clean and conscientious as possible. 

We invite you to reach out if you'd like to meet and discuss how VOYA might fit into your treatment and product offerings, or if you have any questions about this amazing brand. 

Welcome, VOYA!