As the travel industry landscape pivots from abroad to the home front, many North Americans are searching for a domestic replacement for their favourite holiday destination. For those seeking natural beauty, privacy, rest and relaxation, discover Oyster Island Retreat, located on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.


This 12 acre private island rental, launched in 2020, is available to groups hoping to disconnect from the grid and reconnect with family, friends and nature. All rentals include exclusive enjoyment of the entire property, 6 bedrooms, a provisioning & gourmet meal service as well as concierge service / activity coordination from two resident island hosts.


Activities include swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, whale watching, hiking, bocce ball, archery, painting, dance parties & much more. With a maximum guest list of 12 people, Oyster Island Retreat prides itself on high guest service standards and at tention to detail.

For those seeking to slow down in style and seclusion, discover Oyster Island Retreat. Customized wellness retreats such as yoga, self discovery, artist seminars, personal growth and/or corporate bookings can be arranged upon request. All bookings on Oyster Island are bespoke and can be tailored to fit your preferences & requirements.